My name is Laura, I am 18 years old and I am a film buff, study film studies at university in Engalnd!

Home life…

Home life…

I sit in the living room, staring at the TV no time has gone by since I last checked the clock. Its 1 in the afternoon, I have been here all day, not moving from this one seat in this one room. It feels like the walls are closing in, my house is empty and the evening before was the last human contact I had. The time refuses to tick away, I never know what to do when I am at home. Friends blares…

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Midsummer nights dream!!!

So the show is finally over, my time of being a wall is done. I am sad its over, a key reason being that I now have no excuse and must begin my essays and real university work. Which always sucks! But this explains why I haven’t blogged in a long time, hopefully I should be back full time. Mainly because its essay season and this is a great way to procrastinate :D

I am so excited, tomorrow is our…

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Its been so long, sorry I haven’t blogged. Been working nearly 14/15 hours a day. Its crazy!
Laura M turned 2 today!



Hi all, this weekend begins my training towards my bike ride. My goal is to do a 48 mile bike ride, up until now I have only used my bike to get to and from university. So this is a real challenge. All the money I raise is going towards Clatterbridge, which is an amazing hospital funded by donations and charity. Its were people in the UK recieve some of the best cancer treatment, my mum still has…

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If I could meet a celeb, it would be Sandra Bullock. I can’t fully explain why I like her so much, but she is amazing.

Its been too long, feel like I have been away forever. I don’t even know why I haven’t blogged.

Date 4 (or so I would have you think)

Date 4 (or so I would have you think)

What is this? Please can somebody explaint to me why Richard hasn’t made his move yet? Why has he not tried to kiss me? Does he not see me in those ways?

I don’t think that I can handle this any futher and it’s irrating me. I am trying to organise things, however not going as well as I hope it would. But never mind. I shall continue on. I am always nervous before we go out and put a lot of…

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Veronica Mars movie!

Can I please just say that I have waited 10 ish years for this to happen, I was a huge fan of the show when it was released and was beyond devastated when it was cancelled.

Final film product!

Look, student films aren’t perfect… This should be my opener. However, we worked really hard on this and its just nice to see it all come together. The actors were amazing, the biggest problem we had was the camera quality, unfortunately we had to use 2 completely different cameras and this has been a huge problem in editing. This was no fault of ours, so we did our best and I like to think that…

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So a blog without John Hughes is really not a blog at all, lets face facts. This man is a genius and the teens of the 80’s dam well knew about it!

number 1 band for me and now they are playing at Leeds festival, I have seen them live twice and they are amazing!

Date 3


Its not arrived yet, but time is slowly ticking away. Why am I more nervous today than any other date? It makes no sense at all! I suppose he is coming to my house, that could be one reason. So been trying to tidy up today, best possible. Hoovering and washing the dishes, while organising the posters that cluter my bedroom wall. Getting up on time, simply to have a shower and put on make up,…

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The day time sleeper

The night time walker

Short story, sort of:

Getting into bed at 23:00 on my digital clock is such a luxuory, lovingly I crawl under the covers and realise I must put on my pj’s before sleeping. Finally I slide into bed, sinking futher under the covers and regretting the fact that I need oxygen to survive. That’s when the thinking starts, the horrible cycle, all I want to do is to sleep. However sleep eludes me now.…

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Day 3 editing

Been editing this short film, for what feels like forever! However its going well, just downloading another programme since mine crashed and died.
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